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Got Bedroom Clutter?
Are You Hiding Under Your Bed Covers in the Morning so You Don't Have to Face Your Bedroom Clutter?

Waking up to chaos and clutter can instantly drain you of your energy and put your spirit in a foul mood, even causing you to become depressed.

To help ensure calm and harmony, couples need to honor each other's individuality by providing space in their master bedroom that allow each person's personal needs to be obtained.

As a certified professional organizer, Iím often asked, * Where do I start? * I always suggest one of two areas, your bedroom or your important home or office files.

Traditionally a master bedroom is considered and used as a place of rest, a place to become calm, unwind, sleep and be intimate. A cluttered master bedroom can be chaotic and stressful.

Every space has it's own unique sight (views, colors, shapes), sound (noise, movement), smell (odor), and feel (texture of fabrics). Energy - it's all around us! Therefore the energy of your master bedroom or space is evoked through what you see, hear, smell, feel, and how you move through the space.

When looking around your master bedroom make sure what you are seeing promotes the quality and feeling of the life you are "dreaming" of. Play around with colors, smells, shapes, and textures until the desired result is achieved.

Start by removing all clutter, unused items, or items that cause unhappiness, bad memories, or that agitate you!

Then take inventory and organize the items you decided to keep.

Using your intuition or gut feeling, add, move, or remove things in your space until you "feel" what you are trying to achieve in your space. And to create intrigue and mystery for a special night throw on some black satin sheets!



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