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Tip One:

Your bedding: linens, covers, comforters, blankets, and pillows can take up a lot of space when you need to store your off season or seldom used items. One of the BEST products I've found and recommend are the Space Bag Storage Packs. By using these bags you can gain up to three times more storage space and your bedding is protected against the elements, such as moths, bugs and water. All you need to do is fold up your items, insert into the bag, zip it closed and hook up your vacuum hose to suck out the air.

Jumbo Space Bag (2) Jumbo Space Bag (2)

Increase storage by reducing wasted air space; extract air from the bag with a home vacuum cleaner! Reduces item volume by 75%, yet provides easy access. Large holds 10 sweaters. Jumbo holds two king comforters plus four pillows. The extra large bag is perfect for one entire bedding set. All bags sold in sets of two.  
Price ranges from $13.99 to 21.99

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Tip Two:
I'm not a big fan of storing things under your bed; however I realize that sometimes that is the only place left for some to store off season or seldom used items. The tip here is that you want to make sure you measure the "height" and "width" of space under your bed, looking to see and taking into account any cross bars or braces that might get in the way of the storage container.
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Tip Three:
If you choose to use under bed storage containers make sure you get plastic so you can see what's stored inside at a glance. I also recommend you label the container, with label facing out so you can read it. I really like to have the containers on wheels for easier access.

Under Bed Chest

Under Bed Chest

This clear under bed chest is the perfect way to save valuable space in the bedroom or guestroom. Made of ultra-strong 12 gauge vinyl, this under bed storage bag features heat-sealed seams and a self correcting nylon zipper. Heavy cotton rope-style handles allow you to pull this bag from under the bed with ease, and super transparent material allows you to easily see what you are looking for without opening the bag.

price $12.99
Underbed Chest (2) Under bed Chest (2)

Utilize all the storage space underneath the bed! This under bed chest is constructed of durable heavy gauge vinyl. Top panel opens for easy access. Sold in a set of two.

Price $19.99
Underbed Storage Box - set of 6

Under bed Storage Box - set of 6

Durable clear storage boxes with heavy duty snap down buckles to secure lids. Perfect for off-season clothing shoes, linens ,holiday decorations. Use the space under your bed. Set of 6. From Iris.

Price $110.00

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Tip Four:
Sometimes you just need an extra drawer or two so instead of sliding out the whole unit you just pull out the drawer from under the bed. Make sure you measure before you purchase.

Under Bed Storage Drawer

Under Bed Storage Drawer

Make use of all that space under your bed with our under bed storage drawer from Iris. This durable, crack resistant, clear drawer is housed in a white plastic frame that makes it strong and stackable, too. Placed under the side or foot of your bed, this under bed drawer is the ideal place for oversized paper, artwork, and documents, clothing and shoes, extra linens, gift bags, photos and more! Stack several under bed drawers on top of one another to create dresser-style storage for your closet. The under bed storage box can be used under couches and other low lying furniture, too!

price $35.99

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