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Tip One:
Hook several shower curtain hooks onto a hanger or the closet rod to loop or hook your belts into.

Tip Two:
Screw several cup hooks into the bottom of a wooden hanger to hang your belts from.

Tip Three:
Purchase a "hooked" hanger to hang your belts from. These are great and can hold several belts on one hook.

Hangers - Deluxe 10 Hook Accessory

Hangers - Deluxe 10 Hook Accessory

Deluxe chrome metal hanger. 10 hooks for hanging belts and accessories. Coated in white rubber for a 'no slip' grip.

Price $4.99

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Tip Four:
If you have a belt that you only wear with a certain outfit, pants or suit store the belt on the same hanger as the outfit.

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Tip Five:
On the back wall of your closet or closet door you can install a pegboard. Attach little hooks to hang and store your on.

Tip Six:
Hang a shoe bag on the back of the door. Besides holding shoes they’re great holders for your belts, jewelry, scarves, and gloves.

Men's Shoe Organizer

Men's Shoe Organizer

The men's over the door shoe organizer has space for 12 pairs of shoes plus 12 extra pockets for socks, belts, gloves, etc. Attaches firmly to back of door.

price $35.99
Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer

Holds 21 pairs of women's shoes, has 21 extra mesh pockets for scarves, hosiery, purses, belts. No tools or assembly required. price $34.99

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