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Tip One:
If you've never seen this or done this, you can put your jewelry in drawers. You can buy sectional or compartment trays made especially for jewelry or even ones used in an office desk.


Drawer Dividers Drawer Dividers

Organize a full sized drawer with customized compartments. Each kit contains 4 strips, each 24" long, which are easily scored and snapped to any length. The strips slip into the holders, which are placed against the sides of the drawer, or against other strips already in place. The various possibilities in size and number of compartments within each drawer are ideal for projects where pre-formed organizers aren't applicable. Available in 2" or 3.5" height.


Drawer Organizer Drawer Organizer

Individual organizers work in any drawer in the house by combining different sizes.

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Tip Two:
Have a container or basket that fits nicely in your drawer that you can use to store your jewelry in, like an ice cube tray.

Tip Three:
Mount corkboard on the back of a door or wall and use push pins to hold jewelry.

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Tip Four:
Silverware drawer dividers or expandable mug racks are also great to use for keeping your jewelry organized.

Tip Five:
On the back wall of your closet or closet door you can install a pegboard. Attach little hooks to hang and store your jewelry, belts, scarves, ties, handbags, and hats on.

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Tip Six:
If you have closet doors that open out, like a regular door, you can hang shoe bags on the back of the door. Besides holding shoes they’re great holders for your jewelry, scarves, belts, and gloves.

Men's Shoe Organizer

Men's Shoe Organizer

The men's over the door shoe organizer has space for 12 pairs of shoes plus 12 extra pockets for socks, belts, gloves, etc. Attaches firmly to back of door.

price $35.99
Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer

Holds 21 pairs of women's shoes, has 21 extra mesh pockets for scarves, hosiery, purses, belts. No tools or assembly required. price $34.99

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Tip Seven:
Purchase a jewelry organizer that you can hang in your closet, saving or clearing up valuable space on your surface tops.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The soft clear vinyl pockets on either side of this organizer allow for easy viewing and also protect jewelry from scratching. Hangs anywhere. Small pockets 2.5"h x 4.25"w, Large pockets are 6.5"h x 4"w.

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Tip Eight:
Purchase an earring or necklace organizer to sit on your surface tops.

Earring Keeper Earring Keeper

3-Tier earring keeper. Also has a drawer for additional storage. Holds 18 pairs of earrings.

Earring Stand Earring Stand

This revolving earring stand can be used vertically or horizontally. When standing upright this holder has 4 vertical areas on the main column and each one has 21 holes drilled through that are 6/8" apart, the edge of each column has teeth like cut outs so that you can hang hoop styled earrings on the unit without having to hook them through the holes

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