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Get Organized Audio Tapes

How-To Overcome Excuses, Challenges, and Hurdles so YOU Can Take Control of YOUR Life! 

With Special Guest, Rick Butts.

Rick Butts, author of The Big Butts of Life - Get Off Your Excuses and Do Big Things! will help you overcome the challenge of staying sane. 

In every economy there are people struggling and there are people doing extraordinarily  well...the difference is you -  your skills - your knowledge and THE VOICES YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO!

In this session Rick and Janet will show you how to take charge of your life and get big results in tough times.

Learn how the choices you make in life can give you control over the things you canítí control.
Let Janet and Rick teach you how your choices make all the difference in your personal and financial gains.
You will learn how to take control over your life and your clutter so that they are not in control over you.
In taking the steps in this tape you will begin to feel less out of control or stressed out and bring more happiness into your life.
Learn what your attitude has to do with the way your environment evolves around you and how to change it for the better.
Janet and Rick will help you reach your full potential in life and business by showing you how your choices and your attitude have an effect on everything around you.

Join Rick and me for a truly funny, one-of-a-kind unique look at the simple but powerful methods heís used to do big things - so you can too!
Buy the Excuses Audio Tape  through our secure credit card server at OverHall Consulting.

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Managing Your Bedroom

Certified Professional Organizer, Janet Hall will discuss the importance of getting and keeping your bedroom organized.

Some Things You Will Learn and How YOU will Benefit:

Learn the impact of what the state of bedroom means for your stress level and how getting it organized can change your life.
Janet will teach you a no nonsense, take charge kind of attitude towards your clutter and help you decide what to do about it.
Learn valuable techniques on how to dramatically change how you feel about the space in your bedroom.
From closets and drawers to under the bed, using Janetís 5Wís, a teaser, and a tickle, you can transform your bedroom into what you always wanted it to be.
This tape is packed full of tips and secrets that only a professional organizer could know.
How to store and organize bedding Ė never lose a pillowcase again!
Arrange your closet to work for you Ė so you can find what you want to wear
How and Where to recycle your clothes and accessories
How much laundry and how often do you want to do?
Cut down on the piles of laundry, folding, and putting away
How to sort through your bed reading pile so you donít slip and slide on your books and magazines

Buy the Bedroom Audio Tape  through our secure credit card server at OverHall Consulting.

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